Huntdown: Cyberpunk Adventure
  • title:Huntdown: Cyberpunk Adventure
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  • Developer:Android/IOS
  • Version: 0.1
  • Updated :Jun 4, 2021
  • Size:746.3 MB
  • Offered: Coffee Stain Publishing
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I\'m lovin \'it! I tried the demonstration and bought it. But leaving aside the fact that I am a fan of retro -looking games like this. The art style, sound, music, characters, the cyber environment, everything works and is full of personality, a work of art. The game is a platform game, think of the metal slug series and you have the right idea, but here it has adjusted enough to feel fresh and stand out on its own. Try the demonstration and give it a chance! This is really good! It feels like a lateral displacement of Genesis of the 90s. Voice performance is excellent along with a great atmosphere/sounds of the levels. The controls are excellent and very receptive to tickets. If you like shooters with excellent environments, great characters and many other details with that old school environment, this is for you. Highly recommended. Incredibly funny well designed game. With controller support incorporated from the beginning. He played it with my Razer Kishi and worked extremely well of the box. The default assignment for the face buttons was a bit weird. But they can reallocate in the configuration, so it is not a big problem. I have also read that Bluetooth controllers admits, but I haven\'t tried it personally. The game is extremely fun and very well designed. Wow. Normally I don\'t leave reviews, but I played the demonstration and immediately bought the game hahaha. Impressive incredible fun. Art, music, game. This is not just a career and a random gun, you must use some stealth and ability to overcome levels. The history and performance of the voice are incredible. It is worth the money that described 5 stars. The best 4 dollars I have spent. One thing I will say, I am playing this game with a Bluetooth controller and I couldn\'t imagine the game without him. The reference point of retro -style platforms. Think that Blade Runner meets the metal slug. There is so much attention to detail throughout the game that leads to such a pleasant experience, it is always fun to reproduce levels. I can\'t thank everyone involved enough, I hope other games release. In general, I just listen to my own music with the Android games, but connected headphones to half of the completion and the soundtrack and the effects raise it to another level. This is a love job.

★ Welcome to Huntdown: Cyberpunk Adventure ★
Crime doesn’t pay… unless you’re a bounty hunter. After landing on PC and consoles in 2020, cult hit Huntdown is now causing cut-throat chaos on mobile. Try out the demo first for free before buying the full game – slay criminals with no ads and no microtransactions! Clean up the streets as one of three merciless bounty hunters in a pixel-painted metropolis overrun by violence and corruption. Inspired by the iconic action movies and arcade games of the 80s, take on the criminal underbelly of the city with a creative assortment of weapons and reclaim the city from anarchy. Huntdown is the rip-roaring action comedy platformer that delivers fast-paced strategic 2D combat against four deadly gangs and a slew of crime bosses. Prepare to be hit by missiles, explosions, and hundreds of unique one-liners in this riotous adventure from Easy Trigger and Coffee Stain Publishing. Including: 20 levels of platforming pandemonium: Blast your way from towering rooftops and highways to dingy alleyways and casinos as you leave a bloody trail through Huntdown’s bustling criminal underworld Choose your bounty hunter: Play as the merciless ex-commando Anna Conda, cyborg John Sawyer, or modified droid Mow Man, each furnished with their own unique armaments. As well as machine guns and pistols, you can also chuck kunai, boomerangs and tomahawks to grind down your enemies 16-bit hand-crafted style: stunningly rendered pixel art, furnished with sidescrolling settings saturated with beautifully detailed backgrounds and animations