X Survive: Open World Sandbox
  • title:X Survive: Open World Sandbox
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  • Developer:Android/IOS
  • Version: 1.736
  • Updated :May 31, 2022
  • Size:343.4 MB
  • Offered: Free Square Games
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It is like a real life game, there are no errors or delays failures. But I should become happy if the developer adds an option to play as a multiplayer. And this game should have more realistic graphics and characters. If the developer adds these things, then this game will be incredible, so in the next update you know ... By the way, this game deserves a 4 -star rating and if they add those characteristics, they will be 5 stars. --------THANK YOU---------- I take my hat for developers! I live for the survival games of the open world, and this game is an incredible game with incredible concepts, it has great potential that I hope to see in the future. These developers are going to go far, I can see it coming. Please take out a zombie survival game of open world similar to 7 days to die, you could achieve it with your skills Bismillah, Assalam-O-Alaikum All, X Survive is a fairly good game with soft graphics and well optimizations and controls are also easy to use and I really like ruins in the game that makes the X survive more exciting play. This game is really good in this size. But a problem put my things in the trunk of vehicles and when I return to the spacecraft, my Stufd always disappears. I don\'t know your game function or an error, but it\'s not good. Please fix it. It is a pleasant game. Relaxing. To start, there were some ads ... Now not many and mainly observe the Etra credit, for example. I like to be creative and do not have the stress of dying quickly or easily. It would be fun if we could find more items for our homes, etc., such as wall furniture or coatings. Or if we run interact with more furniture. I like music ... coincides well with the game. I like the game and the movement is great.

★ Welcome to X Survive: Open World Sandbox ★
Open world survival sandbox game waiting for you! Experience simple crafting and building games mechanic and creative freedom. Imagine an open world where you can choose any building block to build a house with an amazing view or even build a new city. Just let your creative imagination go wild! Unleash your creative crafting and building survival power. Explore the unknown trails of this mysterious open world. Mine minerals and craft any building block you need from scrap found in abandoned houses. Craft your own dream base or city anywhere anytime, no internet, it\'s offline sandbox game! Unique survival open world game with high-end realistic graphics! All crafting and building blocks are interactive. Unprecedented level of creative freedom is provided by sandbox game mechanic! Mining minerals have never been so exciting. All you need is to dig sand using terraforming tools. Amazing sandbox game features: sleep, eat, drink and rest, even play small mini games on your computer, crafting and building are fun! It can be a simple shelter made from scrap in the beginning but don\'t stop, explore open world to find more materials. Craft more blocks and you can turn simple shelter into a futuristic base. Use your ultimate creative skill and craft a dream city with hundreds of futuristic houses! Offline survival open world crafting and building game, your data stored on your phone and no Wi-Fi or Internet required to play. Be creative anywhere any time, a huge universe fits in your pocket! Weather and time system bring unprecedented realism to the open world game. Whether you fight like a lone wolf on a unknown trails in survival mode or just crafting and building base in creative sandbox game mode, there are always surprises waiting to be explored!