• title:Zgirls3
  • Rating:
  • Developer:Android/IOS
  • Version: 1.144.3067
  • Updated :Nov 15, 2022
  • Size:1.1 GB
  • Offered: Topwar Studio
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I love the game. Plot, art style, characters, everything. I would only want them to go out with a newer level story, and the bedrooms stopped in LVL 30 for affection with the girls, they cannot understand why, except that I am missing the room 3, but there is no way to get the girl to The room 3 without paying, at least put it available to lack of payment for challenging events or something. Apart from that, it\'s incredible This game is great, I have iOS and also a Chromebook and I just downloaded this in my Chromebook. I had this game for months, but I only played very lightly. This game is a beautiful innective game in 2D, there is much to do. I am from level 47, fun and pleasant friends, and I already have half of the unlocked girls. It is very addictive and it is quite easy to get along with everyone, there are new updates almost every week at each month, it depends. Download it! This game is super fun. The story is complex and interesting. While there is an option to pay the impulse in the game, it is not a payment system. I am level 13 and so far the game has been very pleasant without buying anything. Super fun and slow! And it\'s not just one of those payments to win games, besides there are no additions. The story is very interesting and art I am incredible! Simple with a surprisingly good story. The characters are quite good in design and if you are a \"lazy player\", then this game is for you. However, you will probably play for the Waifus Lol.

★ Welcome to Zgirls3 ★
Super vivid Live2D performance, giving you an excellent interactive experience! 【Features】 -Immersive Experience: Supernatural Live2D, famous Japanese actors dubbing -Strategic Combat: Command Zgirls and defend Gakuen -Global Frequency: Build alliances and meet players from different regions