Nova: Space Armada
  • title:Nova: Space Armada
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  • Developer:Android/IOS
  • Version: 0.1.3
  • Updated :Oct 27, 2022
  • Size:1.9 GB
  • Offered: STONE3 PTE. LTD.
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I enjoy that this is not just a battle game where others always destroy your base and you have to rebuild your base station all the time. The game has rewards to build almost everything and also a black market to sell to obtain updates and supplies. I have only been playing for a few days and already at level 16. I would only want to have a computer to see these graphics that I see on my 4K phone on a larger screen. Do not understand the low qualification of this game, it is very well thought out and really addictive. I have not had any problem other than the visualization cut. I would say that my only suggestion for developers would be to make it a little easier to obtain XP Commander because that is the main thing that retains many players. It is difficult to progress after LVL 13. Your system is not so much that you win to win, but you have to benefit money. Free people to play still have an opportunity. I\'m lovin \'it I\'ve been playing for approximately 3 weeks. Great game so far. Beautiful graphics and addictive game. There is almost always something to do if you are updating your ships or space station, collecting minerals, investigating technology or adjustment/update fleets. In addition, special events and group -chief fights. For those who complain about the game tutorial, they just overcome it. There is much to learn, so the game is yours to do what you want. Highly recommended I am a little confused by the reviews that it is an \"automated touch game\", but it is not. The tutorial is quite automatic and plays happy, but the game actually has much more depth than many like this. It is not long either. Build its fleets with up to 10 ships, each ship can be a different type, either built or acquired, then each ship can be modified with a variety of different parts. You acquire commanders for those fleets, all with their own stories. The story seems great. Give it a try! You can\'t trust reviews, it\'s not just a Tap game. You can also order your fleet to remove the repair and reaches if your base is in the reach of the fight. If you play well, you approach the enemy and use your defense fleet to start the attack. And you can\'t change the server after 15 in most games because they don\'t want you .

★ Welcome to Nova: Space Armada ★
An Imposing Republican Space Station In the dark and dangerous void, your imposing space station will be your haven and base. Complete Republican Orders and adjust your strategic deployment regularly. A powerful space station will be your first step toward the conquest of the galaxy. Unstoppable Space Armada Select wisely among various warship blueprints. Forge your unique fleets with modular designs and assembling systems. Plan out your strategic options carefully and join in unprecedented space battles. Your choice will affect the outcome of every battle you’ll fight in. Establish Your Intergalactic Alliance After the “Supernova Event”, the whole Renney Sector is in deep turmoil. In this chaotic state, you need to build a powerful intergalactic Alliance with the people you trust most. The future of the Renney Sector now depends on your cooperation. Endless Stars Endless Stories Send out your fleets to explore and investigate the sector. Witness whimsical stories and the impressing intergalactic epic. And More A Dyson Sphere is now available for takeover in “Goliath Galaxy”, the truth behind the “Supernova Event” is still lying in the dimming void. The Republic and the Coterminal have gone silent since the universal cataclysm. You and your Alliance will decide the future of the Renney Sector. Will you use your unchallengeable diplomatic mind to reach your strategic goal? Or are you planning to expand your territory with bloodshed? An interstellar journey unlike any other is about to unfold.