Cat Spa
  • title:Cat Spa
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  • Developer:Android/IOS
  • Version: 2.13.4
  • Updated :April 21, 2022
  • Size:133M
  • Offered: HyperBeard
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This is my favorite mobile game! The previous update in February was quite large, so it had many problems of delay, but since then it has been solved by what I can see. Daily rewards, timers and roulette are working again, and there are no black screen problems. Thanks developers for fixing that ... I really love this game and every time you get a new character is so nice! I am giving these 5 stars because the game itself is good, it does not block for me and it is quick to load. I would only want all your data to be deleted if you delete the application. I have had this probl ... Super nice game! I really like how there are no real ads that appear in the game. It really depends on you if you want to see the ads. Even if you did, it gives you a generous amount of rewards to see the ads. I love how characters have unique personalities and adorable designs. really how ... This is incredible!! It\'s exactly what I thought, brilliant! I always love your applications and games and they will definitely pay you more! I only have one staff at this time, but still. This application is incredible and I totally recommend it! It is a really fun application where you can buy oils and get apples. With apples you can ... The illustrations are adorable and make me want to have my own cat, I also love the update of spring coconut! Although the application had given me the wrong article, I tried to buy \'Little Rabbit\', but instead, the application gave me \'a lot of mysterious hairs\'. I am not sure whether this is a mistake or is intentional. I also ...

★ Welcome to Cat Spa ★
Cat Spa is the adorable management simulation game your body has been aching for! Cat fairies will help you relax and remove all your worries at the the furriest massage parlor and spa around. Be the boss! Hire a variety of cat fairies as your staff and watch the animal customers roll in. No kids allowed! Cat Spa is for adults only. Unlock and decorate a variety of spaces including the main massage room (who doesn’t love getting a ‘couple’s massage’ with random strangers), a lounge for your staff to relax and recuperate, and even a hair salon for your fanciest animal guests! We may even add a restaurant in case you get hungry. Who knows?! Cat fairies do what cat fairies want. Listen carefully to your customers and employees to collect a variety of adorable snapshots and stories. A lot can happen in a massage parlor run by cat fairies! It’s all above board, we promise ;) There’s no slouching in this game. Delivering high quality massage and personal care services is hard work! Be sure to check in often and make sure you’re maximizing your profits to grow even bigger! Feel a wave of healing by living a new life in Cat Spa… with cat fairies~