Days Bygone - Castle Defense
  • title:Days Bygone - Castle Defense
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  • Developer:Android/IOS
  • Version: 1.28.0
  • Updated :Aug 1, 2022
  • Size:282.3 MB
  • Offered: Frivolition
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It is a fairly solid wall defense game. Many heroes and weapons to choose from, allows you to play at your own pace, and it is very addictive. The game has its main scenario that normally flows, as well as other ways, such as a dungeon mode that allows you to grind as much as you want. The best part: the ads are completely optional, not inserted without a doubt, and you never feel that you have to see them just to move forward. Perfectly balanced ... as all things should be. One of the best mobile games that I have played in an easy time to start, mechanics and more complex and interesting ways are opened while playing. No ads are formed, but there are ads for small bonuses such as additional booty and money, or a little of the premium currency. He doesn\'t need to spend money to have fun, but makes Grindy\'s pieces a little easier. One of the few games in which I\'m glad to spend money while I am still having fun. This is a spectacular game. In a market full of mobile games of predators and baked media, this challenges the standard and establishes the bar. The premium currency, if you can call it that, is easily attainable in the game simply playing and the ads are completely optional, they do not even show unless they decide to reap the benefits of seeing them. There is so much content in this game that is absolutely crazy and I cannot recommend it enough. Start a little slow, but don\'t let that depress you! Once you start shooting new weapons, things become really interesting. I am currently fast -shot grenades and it\'s hilarious! This is also one of the few games in which the ads did not bother me. Actually, the opposite, I would recommend obtaining those double reward bonds as often as you can, especially the chief waves that give you arms boxes. It makes it much easier to find your favorite attack style! Incredible game, I\'ve been playing for about half a year and I still love it. Maybe add a type of almanac for all mobs/bosses in the game? In addition, the store is a bit spoiled and has too many buttons and ways to buy things. I also think it would be great to have the change of landscape as it advances in the campaign mode. Ultimately, although good job, guys, I love it

★ Welcome to Days Bygone - Castle Defense ★
Join the Defender in this endless Castle Defense with endless hours of non-stop action! Grow your castle against the endless waves, clashing against mobs, Titans and bosses in infinite stages and a competitive leaderboard. ▶ Tap Defense! Controls are as simple as it gets - tap to shoot! Then purchase new equipment and upgrade your defenses in order to clash and withstand the Titans! ▶ Grow Castle! Accumulate Gold and Elixir in order to grow your castle! Endless amounts of stats, spells and skills to upgrade! As you grow, your heroes grow too! In this game of constant growth, strategy is key. ▶ Content Titan! ⚔️ 8+ Unique STAT Upgrades! ⚔️ 15+ Devastating SPELLS! ⚔️ 20+ Unique WEAPON to Discover! ⚔️ 20+ Loyal HEROES to Summon! ⚔️ 25+ Unique SKILLS to Uncover! ⚔️ Clash with FRIENDS! ⚔️ Take up arms and join a GUILD now!