Driving Academy Car Games 3D
  • title:Driving Academy Car Games 3D
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  • Developer:Android/IOS
  • Version: 3.4
  • Updated :April 16, 2021
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I love this game!!!!!!!!!! This game is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! It gives me so much to learn and do and what it would be like in the real world the only 2 things I would say is why can’t there be a button to slow down I mean I get it in real world driving you could easily just not press so hard on the pedal in a real car u can’t really do that on a screen and of u wanna go slow on the yield signs than I have to tap the pedal like 20 times the other thing is I feel like there should be a brake when your in reverse cause if a car were to hit you then you can’t quickly brake if your in reverse when I’m in reverse it just keeps going or stops in like 5-10 seconds, but that’s beside the point I love this game it is so much fun during COVID-19! I am so happy I can know all this stuff already!! It is fun to be able to get different cars too but I really wanted the suv but have to buy it otherwise this game is amazing so excited to remember all this stuff and start driving in a couple of years!( in the real world :) )

★ Welcome to Driving Academy Car Games 3D ★
Experience Real-life driving lessons in Driving Academy Car Games 3D! Road signs and driving made simpler – just for you! Enroll in this virtual school of driving called the Driving Academy Car Games 3D, and master your driving and parking skills. We bring to you the ultimate driving simulator, in which you’ve to now drive and follow all the road signs. Don’t take the wrong turns, follow the signals, wear the seat belt – it’s your one stop to becoming a perfect driver. Academy Mode: 100 Levels with 80+ unique road signs to learn and master, ace in the grand tests as well as the experience of driving at night. It’s time to experience real-life driving lessons in Driving Academy Car Games 3D. Challenges Mode: 150 unique challenges will give you a reality check on everything you learnt in the Academy mode. And it gets even better with a variety of cars you can learn to drive with 135+ different cars, choose your favorite and drive away. Download Driving Academy Car Games 3D @Games2Win from Apple App Store and let the fun begin!