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  • (Fast-Play Shooter)
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  • Developer:Android/IOS
  • Version: 2.2.1
  • Updated :May 15, 2020
  • Size:193.9 MB
  • Offered: NANOO COMPANY Inc.
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Honestly, I think the game is super orderly! It\'s fun, simple and fast! It is a quick SPF game to play when you have a small amount of time. It would suggest a first person mode, a red contour in enemies and reduce ads just for a little. The menu is already full of things that they try to buy something accidentally, so when you get an ad you do not feel that you are playing a freemium game, more like a cashgrab. In addition, eliminate vibration or give us an option. Excellent. Simple. Fun. Exactly what I was looking for. There are many serious FPS games trying to pretend to be complete console games or PC games, but this is perfect for mobile devices. The rounds are fast, quickly, the graphics are fun with high contrast and make visibility solid. Yes, the ads are annoying, but developers have invoices to pay, so they are treated or paid for the subscription. Great game. Big fan. This is the simplest FPS game that can still be really pleasant. Put more a lot of new heroes and also put a mission mode as Valorant/Overwatch so that this game is popular again. It must be exciting when we can play the popular game in a simple way. :) In my opinion, this game is a good time, basically P2W, but I still like it, the developers usually throw some gems from time to time, and classify you gives them good rewards, multiple characters to choose from, but they will abuse you from one of one of They (believe (believe me). It can be failed and the controls (HUD) are not customizable, but execute it in 60 fps is soft AF, you must download at least to try. Great game in general, it is smooth without delay (for me anyway) and all the characters are quite balanced none. My favorite the character so far is Alex, I do the best with her)

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