Goddess of Genesis S
  • title:Goddess of Genesis S
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  • Developer:Android/IOS
  • Version: 1.32.0
  • Updated :Sep 27, 2022
  • Size:1.8 GB
  • Offered: ZlongGames
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I just opened the game and began to play a little. Enjoying it so far. Art and graphics are very good. I also love battle animations. He already took a SSR with my free 10x invocation. The game seems very promising at this time. The only thing I noticed is a fun failure in the scene with a dinner tray that falls out of nowhere? Apart from that, everything is quite soft. This game has a lot of promise. The graphics are IMO phenomenal. The game works without problems and English translation seems to be in point. There are no grammatical errors that I have seen so far. It is probably not a decisive factor, but that kind of thing makes a game feel ... cheaper? In any case, heroes designs are quite large. Even common and rare heroes look great. I am excited to see what else this game can offer. I went into the game once, but now I don\'t leave me logged in anymore. It simply gets stuck on the main screen. Every time I play to enter, try to log in, but then not and remain on the main screen. It\'s hard to enjoy a game that you can\'t play. Edit: The problem was solved quickly and I can play and enjoy the game. After trying so many titles in Play Store Goddesss of Genesis, it is only one of the best options to play as a F2P player. There are no large paid walls to enjoy the game in an informal style of game and sudden characters. And for P2W players, of course, there are even more options in some of the porridge pulls and a much more competitive way to play. In general, the graphics are incredible and the game. I have been playing for months and I had no problems so far

★ Welcome to Goddess of Genesis S ★
Meet the heroes of the world’s most famous legends and write a new story of your own along this unforgettable journey! Embark on an anime adventure in Goddess of Genesis S and take on the sacred mission of saving the world! Use magic tarot cards to summon legendary heroes to join you in your fight, battle powerful dark forces, and explore a huge fantasy world as you unveil the secrets of an epic storyline! Gather legendary characters such as Lucifer, Little Red Riding Hood, Athena, Gabriel, and many more, reimagined in a new and unique style, and battle with elves, frostwolves, dragons, and countless other creatures, all presented in fully-3D high-definition graphics that imbue each character with charm and that immerse you in a breathtaking fantasy world. Command your team of heroes in battle and marvel at stunning skills with gorgeous combat animations that you’ll want to watch again and again! Stunning High-definition Battles Say goodbye to traditional 2D RPG battles, and say hello to innovative combat featuring high-definition 3D models. Each model is formed of over 100,000 pixels, vividly capturing the essence of each character’s unique personality. Welcome to a world where each hero is not just a battle unit, but a living, breathing individual in their own right. Creative Hero Skill Animations Each character has a series of unique skill animations, designed according to their fighting style and lore, making each battle exciting and jam-packed with gorgeous special effects. Special relationships between heroes can also trigger more powerful damage effects. Summon the Greatest Heroes in the World Each hero comes to you straight from the most famous legends, literature, or history books. Goddess of Genesis S boldly integrates a range of historical elements into an innovative new world and character settings, re-envisioning your favorite heroes in all-new appearances! Dual Hero Combo Attacks Special bonds exist between different heroes. When they battle alongside each other, these heroes will trigger epic combo skills guaranteed to shock and amaze each time. Ultra-high SSR Summoning Rate Amazing summoning rate! Easily summon rare SSR heroes, not only to help you quickly complete your hero collection, but also to serve as the backbone of your team. Real-time Hero Battles Online 5v5 duels — select heroes from six main classes and form your team of five fierce fighters. Goddess of Genesis S breaks through the traditional concept of RPG combat, featuring exhilarating real-time battles with real players around the world!