RPG End of Aspiration with Ads
  • title:RPG End of Aspiration with Ads
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  • Developer:Android/IOS
  • Version: 3.0.0fr
  • Updated :Dec 15, 2016
  • Size:31.9 MB
  • Offered: KEMCO
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Very well, it seems to be made with RPG Maker MV, although I don\'t know with a fact. The controls are good and work and, as described, it manages to be fun even though it is not really challenging. It has a decent amount of length, and has ads, however, these are mainly an advertisement in every two or less combat victories, and can be easily discarded with a simple press the action/confirm button. It is not the best role -playing game, but quite well. I needed this. I needed this. I played some Kemco things that I didn\'t feel and then gave me this masterpiece. It is not extravagant with dialogue, but you feel directly to the grain. The characters and the story are intertwined interesting. The battle system is simple but has the perfect makeup of the old school spells and you can buy new new ones, which is great. I was aging with Kemco Dungoons and Warp Signels, but this game does not have them. The characters are not rare, everything is serious, and there is an adult who feels overcoming everything, especially when the enemy is known as the mafia. Easy but fun battles and that is a breath of fresh air. It is not a high spectrum of enemies, but it feels constant for the plot without being random. The commercial system was one of the most entertaining and pleasant, other Kemco games and most RPG have no advantages that made them unique. This is one of my many reasons to play this, apart from that, it was great at that time, but it feels average for now. It is still worth it. People do more than a bit that complains about Kemco\'s games, but I find them attractive, relaxing and nostalgic. Every time I find a new one for me, I take advantage of it and have a lot of fun, taking into account that I have been doing this type of game from my Comodoro pet in the early 80s.

★ Welcome to RPG End of Aspiration with Ads ★
*Important Notice* Due to maintenance reasons, the app will temporarily be unavailable for 64-bit devices after July 31st, 2021. Depending on the optimization for new devices, there might be the possibility to stop the distribution later on. We appreciate your understanding. A story of huge powers from an ancient time! * Android 8.0 is not supported due to the occurrence of lagging. * This game features some IAP content, such as powerful items and extra dungeons. While they require additional fees, you can play through the end of the game without it. Way back in the past, humanity gloried in the prosperity of the technological civilization it had created. But all that ended in destruction... Now though, many ages after that time, the world has once again gained a modest peace... Enter Eril, the Azure Sorceress, who alone is standing up against a group making secret moves in the shadows of the world, and Yute, who follows in his father’s footsteps, journeying around the world as a trader. Their battle begins here... a battle of beliefs and destinies, a battle for the Atomijems, sources of huge power from the ancient civilization... This is a dynamic fantasy RPG on an epic scale! - Simple controls and tremendous battles! - Beautiful 2D graphics with a friendly warmth - Features an auto-save function! Enjoy adventure even if you only have a small amount of time, without worrying about saving! - Aim for dramatic reversals in battles, by using powerful ‘Familiar Spirits’! - Gain rare items and enjoy extra dungeons by making additional purchases - Freely mix and match a wide range of skills - Five characters, each with their own personality Yute, a young man who has inherited his father’s enthusiasm and strong will, Eril, a young woman who hopes to protect the things that are dear to her, Kiton, a young girl who wants to find out her true identity, Earon, an old teacher who wants to correct the path one of his former pupils has chosen to follow, and Kaede, a woman who follows Earon now... The five characters each have their own individual personalities, and their beliefs drive the story forward.