Shadows of Kurgansk
  • title:Shadows of Kurgansk
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  • Developer:Android/IOS
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  • Updated :Jul 29, 2021
  • Size:378.3 MB
  • Offered: Gaijin Distribution KFT
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I loved the first, second and third time I played this game, Sok is probably one of my favorite games to run and kill. The story needs a little work, but apart from that, I have had zero problems here. Also to mention that this game is almost 4 years old and the developer is still updated periodically, which inspires me to continue playing, I hope to see an update of the story in the future or perhaps some interesting features to entertain the wait. I recommend this as a good murderous moment. I really love this game. It is rare to find this type of game in Play Store. It is offline, open world, first -person point of view, survival, role -playing, many missions, a lot Average devices. Ah, and you don\'t really have to pay for anything to progress in the game. I want to say that you could buy things to have a greater probability of survival, but you can elaborate your things and that is really the point of the game. In addition to your death it does not mean the end of the game. You replenish. Great huh. Now, if you want to play with high graphics, you can, and if your phone can\'t, you can always choose the lowest graphics that run very well. I found zero errors or failures from now on. Thanks developers for making this game. One hundred percent I will recommend this in all. Thumbs up. Your game does not even need an update. This game is absolutely impressive! I like this! But I have concerns about it, fix zombie damage because they inflict too much damage to many blows and can even cause damage to a great distance, which is unfair. I observed that this masterpiece needs a jump control for certain situations, new resources and equipment such as weapons, clothing, etc., I also want to suggest if you can do it, a new design for buttons and a mini map in the upper right corner Lo which is easy to search. Almost the game I was looking for. Survival in the open world, collect resources, crafts and survive zombies and hard desert. It has some additional characteristics such as Jumpcares and Misiones, which I love, add a spooky element to Atmos. The graphics are perfect and the game is soft and there are no additions. Small advice for new players: levels and get used to gathering before venturing too far in history. It is difficult at first, so worry about buying updates for your character. This game is really pleasant! There were some mistakes when I played year ago, but the game is really good ... I just played this game and I went to the end on both maps ... Thank you for this game! It was really great ... Do not stop updating them, and I hope to see new maps in this game for the future! You\'re the best!!! What about the graphics, these graphics look themselves as in The Walking Dead, and I like it! Keep going!!!

★ Welcome to Shadows of Kurgansk ★
Fight zombies, build asylums, find your way back home! Shadows of Kurgansk is an adventure game, where you need to survive in an area full of danger and mystery. Your goal is to stay alive and find the way out, fighting monsters and completing story driven missions. To stay alive you will need to hunt, gather supplies, build storage and asylums. You will be able to create tools, clothes and equipment. In due time your life will become quite comfortable, but the Zone is not exactly the best place to spend the rest of your time. You will need to find the way out. Even if you fail, remember – death is only the beginning. The beginning of a new journey! ***Features: • Fight zombies and hunt wild animals • Create weapons and tools, build asylums • Avoid mysterious anomalies, gather artifacts and improve your own abilities • Don\'t become insane with the anomalous fear that comes in the darkness • A huge world that dramatically changes with the coming of night