Sniper Honor: 3D Shooting Game
  • title:Sniper Honor: 3D Shooting Game
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  • Developer:Android/IOS
  • Version: 1.9.2
  • Updated :Sep 1, 2022
  • Size:417.6 MB
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This is a challenging game, but extremely fun. I wish I could find instructions for the game or a tutorial. I slowly learned nuances and how to perform the missions, so now I feel comfortable with controls and menus. The fields do it almost like cheating. I say that because almost all the murders I do are a \"head shot\", I have always liked to use weapons. I would like to be able to use many of the weapons used in this product, but I could never allow most of them. Go for gold. Wow ... I am a \"old school\" player of the 90s, and this game is immersive and rewarding. I can\'t say enough but I will try; The game follows a scenario of cursed and literally, literally throws rewards (to your option, keep in mind) through ads in your own way. Beautiful graphics, excellent controls, so bloody well made. Congratulations to developers, and I hope you continue improving history, measured with levels. I have to go back to the game, see you :) I love the game, but I only did an update and it does not let me play unless you give you permission to make and manage phone calls hahaha. Obviously, the game does not need permissions for phone calls, so it wonders if the update is wrong or something. September 2,2022-9: 45pm For some reason, try to play, it is to ask, allow to make calls, I rejected, now, the game does not open. I have been playing this game for more than 3 months for hours every day and every day. I love this game so far. Yes, you have to make an assignment of missions to pay updates and more weapons. But doing that helps you stay aware of everything unless you want to maximize your credit cards. I\'m fine with that. I will continue to do the missions and turn through the King meetings.

★ Welcome to Sniper Honor: 3D Shooting Game ★
Fight for honor! Pick up the cool guns at hand and experience the cold-blooded adventure as a professional assassin! You are the sniper elite and sharpshooter! Sniper Honor is a real-life 3D free offline gun shooting game with best sniping shooting experience and awesome gameplay. Fight against the gangs in the city, or the highest leader of the criminal forces, everything happens in the blink of an eye! It’s a fun sniper gun shooter game with the awesome offline shooting gameplay of 2022, which you can play in the market! You must be a assassin elite and enjoy the top sniping experience! Justice is calling you, it\'s your duty to protect the modern city and resident! Come on heroes! ⚔️ How to play: ● Confirm the target according to the lead ● Wait patiently and watch carefully ● Lock the target, trigger the sniper rifle ● Earn rewards and strengthen cool weapons Game Features: ● Fun free to play on mobile without internet! ● The thrilling graphics, 3D design and sound, with breath-taking slow-motion shots! ● Collect the invincible sniper guns (rifle, shotgun, pistol) and special bullet from the world and put them in your kit! ● Excellent free game and level design to fully sniping experience the career as a sharpshooter! ● A variety of props to help you in battle, make the assassin easier! ● It\'s completely free and offline! Join the battle at no cost, download the shooting game, start your adventure and experience it instantly! ● Biohazrd Alert: Prevent zombies from infecting and destroying them with fury! ● Multiple mission modes and different arenas with diverse awesome gameplay, such as rescue hostage, use your strategy to eliminate armoured opponent, shoot crazy cow to protect villagers etc. Survive in missions and experience the real battle in different arena maps! ● No wifi game, it can be experienced without internet - offline mode, play anywhere you want! ● Know about the amazing assassin stories, be a sharpshooter and enjoy the top sniping experience! ● Thrilling graphics, play this cool game online or offline! ● Upgrade your fury gun with gold! Make your weapon even better! ● Claim gems from gold piggy bank! ● Update different holiday events (Halloween, Christmas, New year etc.)! Sniper Honor will put you in the city streets with constantly changing environment. Put gang members, evil leaders, and savage mobs into eternal sleep through the amazing sniper rifles and in your hands. They may sit in cars, armored vehicles or take hostage, pick up your rifle and shoot bullets, break cars and armored vehicle or rescue the hostage to cut their fury crimes. With the best graphics and superb FPS experience, the career of an assassin is right there in your device. You can experience dozens of different types of tasks, such as saving the hostages, eliminating dangerous gangsters, protecting the police and assassination of the evil leaders, etc. Every action will be instructed, please observe and trigger the final shot! A morden gun shooting game for free, you can\'t miss it! Sniper Honor contains several real-life amazing sniper rifles and will continue to expand. Enhance and upgrade your weapon components by completing the mission for greater power and better killing! A wide variety of game scenes will be switched from action to action. As a top sharpshooter elite, you must make a critical strike in a complex environment. Use your strategy to eliminate enemies survive in the adventure, become the sniper elite! Forget about those lame shooting games and join the cool no wifi morden game Sniper Honor now! It\'s the best sniper survival games for android! Don\'t be bound by the rules, use your own method to solve the problem ahead! Start your assassin adventure! Honor blazing!