TheOdd1sOut: Let's Bounce
  • title:TheOdd1sOut: Let's Bounce
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  • Developer:Android/IOS
  • Version: 1.0
  • Updated :Jul 6, 2021
  • Size:674.2 MB
  • Offered: BBTV
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I loved it a lot, but it is a bit confusing to discover how to play. So I\'m going to give you the race. First, bounces in different characters from Theodd1sout, the two things you should avoid are the rocks and demons if they bounce their game in them, unless there is a character to bounce to move forward and even then you have to accumulate the agiana speed Agian. This game has to do with the reaction time and judge when to jump in general, I recommend that it be fun. The ads can be admitted, but it is understandable. My only thing is that music is loading than dialogue. James\'s voice and sound effects are really calm compared. However, it is difficult to pass the winter stage. Having to start from the beginning every time can be a bit tedious, but not a decisive factor. Apart from that, an incredible game! I\'m lovin \'it! Oh! It is very fun but difficult to understand if you are new. It does not give you a tutorial on how to bounce on people and there is no way to reject music without turning off all the sound. Of course, it will not be perfect, but I hope you will update to help this. Otherwise, it is very fun and colorful! The music is not so bad, even if it is constantly rolled and very strong, and the rebound mechanic becomes easier as it learns it. In general, it\'s fun! I am addicted. It is the best way to spend time in the online class, it is not paid to win, without forced ads. Only options to obtain rewards. It\'s great to see all references to videos and all their characters and things. And you can also play as different characters! Different versions of James, his sister Faith, his mother, etc. In general, a 5 -star game. This game is more entertaining than I thought it would be at the beginning. However, I will admit it, the agents when you have killed and collect your money becomes quite annoying. I might also not give the option of not seeing the aggregate to get twice as much money, because 9 out of 10 times, you get an ADD anyway. But apart from that, I recommend the game to those who do not bother the additions, and because the game is very fun!

★ Welcome to TheOdd1sOut: Let's Bounce ★
THE ODD 1S OUT OFFICIAL MOBILE GAME - Choose your favorite Odd 1 and jump on everyone in James’ life! We know you want to. ● BOUNCE THROUGH JAMES’ LIFE - From childhood to being an adult and beyond, see how far you can go! You may even see some old friends up high . ++NEW: Take a shortcut with the SPRINKLE CANNON! ● JUMP ON EVERYONE - Bounce off James’ mom, laser tag Hunters, college roommates, to YouTube fans. Watch out for the Devil, or worse...the rock! (not the actor). ● COLLECT ALL THE ODD 1s - Baby James, Sooubway James, Harry the Moth, the Furry, and more; they’re all there! Except for human-James, we hope one day. ++NEW: Now with BUFF JAMES & NINJA JAMES!⚔️ If you have ever dreamed of jumping on everything in James’ life then have we got a game for you. TheOdd1sOut: Let’s Bounce - PLAY NOW! And remember - wear your seatbelt!